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Address: No.5 ,Bldg.345 , Yousefabad Ave. ,
Country: Iran
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Hamayesh-Sanat-Polymer Company, with reg. no. 123834, economic code no. 117-718-
587 and have exploitation license no. 01/30587 from Tehran chief of industrial organization and official member of Iran resin and Fiberglass cooperative.
This company has organized for gathering technician and using high-tech to improve polymer technology especially in making and coating Tanks from Fiberglass and epoxy and industrial plating over concrete or metallic surfaces with materials like epoxy, polyester or polyurethane.
This company also, accomplished a lot of projects for some factories like medical factories, tire and car factories, home accessories, petrol and petrochemical factories and etc. successfully.
This company has got ISO 9002 certification in system management from T.U.V company activities in all branches.
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Company Profile
Company Name: Hamayesh-Sanat-Polymer
Business Type:
  • Manufacturer
  • Contractor
Address: No.5 ,Bldg.345 , Yousefabad Ave. ,
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